Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Do it!

In the book "Meeting Wisdom" they have a saying I like, "Take a no BS approach to working this program." I like that. I believe in telling it like it is and doing the work--not spouting psycho babble and using therapy as a substitute for practicing principles. Many people think that the 12 steps are the work. But as Don P. from Colorado says, it's not.

The 12 steps are the preparation for doing the work. The real work is in reaching out to the still suffering alcoholic and addict. Service work is the foundation of our recovery. CDA's basic text says, "Chemcially Dependant Anonymous is founded on the principle that our common experience, of both the dependence and recovery, provides us with unique opportunities to help others like us, and in the act of helping, we ourselves stay clean and sober and growing. Therefore carrying the message is vital."

So working with others is our real work, something that we train ourselves to do by working the 12 steps.

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