Sunday, July 27, 2014

My favorite AA Slogan

Deciphering Addiction | Jean-Paul Bedard: "My favorite AA slogan, and you'll hear it in meetings taking place around the world, is "Keep it simple." Ironically, some of the most intelligent people I've met over the years in recovery are the same people who seem to struggle most with staying sober. Addicts are typically very ingenious when it comes to lying and deceiving those around us, but we forget, we are equally disingenuous when it comes to deceiving ourselves. There is always this soundtrack playing in the background of an addict's mind with the dangerous refrain: "You're different. You're not like the rest of the addicts in this room. Just have one drink, one line, one pill...""

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

E.G.O. Easing God Out

OK--I have been very very lax in keeping up with this blog, but I promise to do better--there is so much to say about so many of our slogans in the 12 Step programs--that's its about time I say them! In any case we'll have a lot of fun--and do sen din your great one liners or thoughts about our slogans. This weeks featured slogan is E.G.O. Easing God Out

Our program will work for people who believe in god.
Our program will work for people who don’t believe in God.
Our program will not work for people who believe they are God.
If you are having trouble with this, read pages 61, 62, & 63 of the Big Book.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

ManyFaces1Voice & The Anonymous People Film

This is going to be so much fun! thank about getting a group of folks together, have dinner, popcorn and sit and watch this film. It's all day (on demand) and FREE for one day--this Sat March 1st. You're goig to want to watch it and its better watching it with friends.

ManyFaces1Voice & The Anonymous People Film: "On March 1st, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a founding partner of the ManyFaces1Voice call-to-action campaign, will host a free online stream of The Anonymous People via the Hazelden Social Community: (You must join the online community to watch, but joining is free).

On that day, people from all over the world will watch The Anonymous People, which will be accessible for online streaming for 24 hours (12AM to 11:59PM EST on 3/1/14). As an added bonus, the film’s director, Greg Williams, and other key subjects from the film, including Hazelden’s William Cope Moyers, will have a dialogue about recovery advocacy during a live chat that begins at 5 p.m. EST"

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

(36) InsideOUT Writers

If you are not a member of FaceBook I apologize for linking to this--but it is such a great endeavor. This is young people who have been incarcerated using writing to help help themselves and reaching out to others. I love it. That is how the book "Young, sober, & Free" was written--a group of young people in recovery getting together and deciding what needs to be in their book. In the forward we quote a judge who always used to say "I ain't Preaching..." because he didn't thinking preaching to those before him would ever help. Today in many 12 step programs they have a saying "reach out, don't preach out." and young writers reaching out to other kids who need guidance--well, there is nothing better.

(36) InsideOUT Writers:

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