Saturday, November 27, 2010

Young, Sober, & Free, the Hazelden book for young people in recovery.

FYI: something weird--a friend contacted me and said our book, Young, Sober, & Free was $46!!!! online. It's not. Actually it is selling well and Amazon has a special on it for 22% off--11.60. Was my friend mistaken? Well I went to the YoungSoberFree site (below) and there is a book advertised in the Google ads with my title -is this a deliberate rip off? Turns out the person selling this must be on drugs! It is a used copy of this book for $46!!! How silly. In addition they put the author down as "Shly Merahel (Author)" So don't be fooled by the google ad--there no Shly Merahel and the book is not $46.

Young, Sober, & Free, the Hazelden book for young people in recovery.: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Recovery Readings - 1/1

Here is a great site that gives daily readings from lots of different recovery material.

Daily Recovery Readings - 1/1: "Meditation For The Day

In the new year, I will live one day at a time. I will make each day one
of preparation for better things ahead. I will not dwell on the past or
the future, only on the present. I will bury every fear of the future, all
thoughts of unkindness and bitterness, all my dislikes, my resentments,
my sense of failure, my disappointments in others and in myself, my
gloom and my despondency. I will leave all these things buried and go
forward, in this new year, into a new life."