Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's blog on slogans!!!

Old timers in recovery say that slogans are actually wisdom in shorthand. Some folks say that slogans are a form of bumper sticker recovery!

I say, that slogans can be a way to remind me of the truth--because their is a kernel of truth in each slogan that catches on... it helps me focus--slogans keep me on track. What about you?

In early recovery I used to chant "turn it over" and write down everything on a notepad that I needed to turn over. It was so hard, but saying the slogan helped immensely. then one day like a bolt of lightening, I realized I didn't need to write each thing down because it was a package deal--everything need to be handled by my Higher Power. Somehow I had missed that in my note taking, turning over areas of my life independent of each other.

Slogans have been a blessing in my recovery, that's why I write books about them. How have slogans' added to your recovery? I'd like to know.

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